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Software Problems

Computer software is the term used for computer programs and related data that tells a computer what and how to do it. If your computer will not start up, displays error messages or it will only boot in safe mode, these are common problems we have the experience to locate the cause and apply a solution.

Examples of computer software are: 

  • Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX or Linux
  • Office software such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or LibreOffice
  • Games such as Solitaire, Call of Duty, Bridge or Chess
  • Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera  
  • Email programs such as MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Modzilla Thunderbird or eM Client

Computer software can fail for any number of reasons:

  • Badly written software can crash or hang for no apparent reason
  • Virus and malware infection on your computer
  • Incorrect software version being installed on your computer

There are many ways to rectify software faults such as:

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling
  • Upgrading
  • Removing Viruses
  • Checking the manufacturers website for patches

If you want to install a new software programme or maybe just need to upgrade to the latest version of an existing package, we can install the software on your behalf.